I’m going to miss orange

Ye olde LifeSavers

I’m late to the game and did not realize that they switched up the flavors on basic LifeSavers after 70 years of the trusted favorites (or not).

Goodbye orange, lemon and lime
Hello raspberry, watermelon and blackberry.


2 responses to “I’m going to miss orange”

  1. Bobbie Williams Avatar
    Bobbie Williams

    NO WAY! I will not be buying any more lifesavers! I don’t now, or have I ever liked raspberry. We just bought some of the candy cane lifesavers. Low and behold, what I thought was going to be cherry…”YUCK”!, you guessed it-Raspberry.

  2. Evangelos Dimitriou Avatar
    Evangelos Dimitriou

    In Greece,the LIFE SAVERS five flavor are not available any more.If I am wrong,please let me know.
    Is it possible to get them via Post?