Folks stand around a baby in a stroller

Identity is the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Wendy and Tom came down for lunch to give Dave a pre-mini-sabbatical present and let everyone get to meet their new daughter. They look so natural with a stroller.

Quite a handy thing in fact. There are storage pockets and racks all over that thing. I never have enough pockets. Maybe I should get a poor old dog and tote it around in one of these things.

We ate at a place called Bella, since Benihana said we couldn’t sit together, even if we waited. (This would’ve been good news when we first started waiting there 20 minutes prior.

Dave got a nice set of aviator goggles. I got to try em on and Tom took a pic with his new digital camera. It’s so much lighter and smaller than mine. There was a sliver of new-fangled drool coming from my mouth. The food was decent, albeit way overpriced. I wouldn’t make a point of going to Bella.

Getting back to the office, work seemed kinda lame. Heather and I decided it was a good time to see a movie and beat rush hour.

House of 1000 Corpses or Identity.

I felt the latter would be better.

I was very wrong.

Very, very wrong.