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  1. deanna Avatar

    D70 for sure! I just got one a couple of months ago, and am in love, if such a thing can exist with such objects. But I have been shooting for 10 years and sold all of my other stuff to get it, its awesome!

  2. b Avatar

    I agree. I bought a D70 a few months ago. What an amazing camera.

  3. Nik Avatar

    A D70 over a 20D anyday. Obviously a very amateur opinion. I don’t actually have either camera but I just like the D70 better (why buy when you can ‘rent’ them from the university? also, you can ask for almost any kind of lens, provided you know how to use it!)
    Are you going to get your camera online?

  4. glass Avatar

    Wow, it’s unanimous. I’ve not heard one complaint for the D70. Thanks for your insight. I’m a tad worried about having to carry around a separate lens for macro, but the quality I’ve seen from this Nikon gets me excited.

  5. CM Harrington Avatar

    Go with the 20D. Canon’s R&D and glass are superior to Nikon’s.
    Of course, you should really:
    1) go with what you are comfortable with
    2) see if you can go with the kit your other photographer friends have.
    The investment isn’t in the body, per se, it’s in the lenses.

  6. glass Avatar

    Nik, I hoping to try the camera out in a store before buying it, but prices online (along with the lack of sales tax) is tempting…