Waffle House

cigarettes and chocolate milk and grease

The town roughly between Cincinnati and Columbus has turned into one of those Outlet Mall destinations and it seems to actually not be failing.

This used to be the exit for the Lion’s Den adult book store, a truckstop, a gas station, a 60’s motel, and of course, a Waffle House.

This is one of the few places to stop midway home, so from time to time I find myself gassing up there and grabbing a bite to eat.

Fast food joints have engulfed every square inch from the exit to the entrance of the Outlet Mall. But I wasn’t in the mood for any value meal’s, so I went to the Waffle House to get my Saturday eggs and bacon.

I ponied up to the bar and sat in front of the menu / laminated place mat and got the combo meal that had a little bit of everything. I like it when grits come standard and apple butter is an option with raisin bread for toast.

This place looks long overdue for a remodel, and I saddened a moment, realizing that it probably never would get a fresh coat of paint with all the competition surrounding the funky little building.

McDonald’s will never have the waitress with her hand on her hip yelling back to the kitchen for the cashier that her smoke break is over. For that matter, there won’t be a bar, or hashbrowns served 8 different ways with a slew of variations, or the coupling of yellow brown and orange as the anchor for decor and uniforms.


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Pancakes, train stations, dream stars and UNO®

This image makes no sense

Sunday, January 4 – It began with the smell of breakfast at the 3 bears house. TheMonkeyBear was in the kitchen, up before anyone else, making pancakes, sausage and eggs. We sat at the new fangled dining room table and sat down to the vittles, complete with parsley and fresh orange garnish.

After the dishes were cleared, Monkey and Art talked photography while the other two-thirds of the three bears joined me for some Mario Party 5 action. Somehow I managed to win and become the Dream Star (Though I much prefer the old Party Star moniker).

Then it was off to the train station to drop off Art so he could head home to Kansas City. Odd place the Amtrak station. I think one fella was still in his hospital garb.

Back at the bears, we spent the evening playing UNO and making up new rules. It started with the basics, compiling Draw Two’s and Draw Fours. Then we created a rule for 7’s. Each color of 7 forced everyone to switch hands in a different way. If that wasn’t enough mayhem, we incorporated math to get rid of the huge hands. For instance, if someone played a red 9, you could start off with a red card and add or subtract whatever you needed to get to 9.

Utter chaos.

It was great fun.

Tangent links:
• Tons of versions of UNO are available. Who knew? (Even a Hello Kitty version)
• There seem to be lots of variations on playing as well.


A 4way (Chili, Cheese, Onions and Pasta), gravy fries with cheese, and a cheese coney

New Year’s Eve was cheesy, Cincinnati style.


Mental note; set butter out earlier to get soft

The day started with toast, tea and some fruit preserves that had expired last April. They tasted fine, until I read the package, then i spit it out and made fresh toast with different fruit spread.

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It’s the cheese sauce that makes it taste so good

What the heck

While in Columbus there was a cross-team luncheon mixing up Marketing and Technology folks. We had to sit next to people we didn’t know.

It was hard for me to follow along as there were so many names and job titles.

Talking about TV seemed to be the common denominator. I got schooled on what I’ve been missing.

I found myself gazing up at Headline News over the bar and looking at the footage of the fires out West. Here we were supposed to be getting to know each other, and I got all glazed.

Perhaps the only interesting thing was the menu item I’ve been seeing pop up with more frequency.

Since when did macaroni and cheese become an 9 dollar entree?

It’s a sidedish.

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