The “new” guy

cuttin it up

This is Joel.

You may have noticed him modeling some of the new shirts over at the shop. Well maybe not, since I’m always cropping off everyone’s heads.

Anyway, Joel has been with us for like a year now, so he’s technically not the new guy, but he is the newest. He comes in a few days of the week and can jump into darn near any project we’ve got going. That alone makes him valuable, but the real bonus is that he’s a bright and fun guy, with a passionate (and yes, maybe quirky) taste for music; whether he’s picking out an album to play, or talking about his own creations.

The only thing we disagree on is how to say Appalachia.

All in all, we lucked out finding him.

Current music: Thao & The Get Down, Stay Down “Yes, So On And So On”

2 responses to “The “new” guy”

  1. Geoff Avatar

    Now i want to know how the lines are drawn on the pronunciation issue because i’ve made myself conflicted trying to figure out how i ‘naturally’ pronounce it after reading this!

  2. glass Avatar

    Geoff, I’ve determined on my own accord that there is no right pronunciation, instead – there is only right company in which to pronounce a particular way.
    I’m naturally inclined to say “App – uh – LAY – shia”
    The other way is “App – uh – LAT – chuh”