Farm Day 6

printing shirts in the studio

Saturday was the sixth day out on the farm when friends and family drop by to wander the fields, eat cookies in the shape of ghosts, strum guitars, draw faces on pumpkins, and stop by the studio to print up a shirt.

It was so good I left pleasantly exhausted from the all the fun and sufficiently stuffed from the spread of goodies. This year was potluck. Everybody with last names betwee A-L brought a side dish and K-Z hooked up the desserts. (Yum!)

Current music: something from Talking Heads

2 responses to “Farm Day 6”

  1. Collin Avatar

    I know you are a tall one, but the perspective of the dessert picture looks ridiculous.
    Were you standing on a workbench or a ladder to take that?

  2. glass Avatar

    Nope Colin, simply a long reach with the arm. I didn’t actually have my eye behind the lens.