Domo (domo)

Domo (domo) [ +zoom ]

The mascot of Japan’s NHK television station, now at a Target near you pimping Halloween.

4 responses to “Domo (domo)”

  1. stevan Avatar

    I know all about it! I saw those on Sunday, and went to look for an actual Domo you could buy but didn’t find any.

  2. glass Avatar

    I feel ya Stevan. I could only find little plastic ones dressed up as DJs.
    Not quite as soft and cuddly.

  3. physical Avatar

    I’m so curious as to how Domo-kun possibly ended up with Target…but I’m too lazy to do the research so whatever.
    There’s a few actual Domo-kun plushies at a local comic store around here.

  4. Meredith Avatar

    Heard from friend who works at Target that these plush Domo displays hanging from the ceiling have to be destroyed after Halloween because they are made from toxic materials. What a waste!