Bang on a Can All Stars

David Cossin and Glenn Kotche percuss (I think that’s a word)

Our friend Meredith is always getting tickets to good shows and festivals. We work with her on a handful of different projects that combine our love of music.

She alerted us to a Bang on a Can All Stars performance at Miami University last week and all the guys at the studio met up with her to catch the show. (Mental note: Introduce Joel. He’s been coming in part-time to help us out at the shop. Expect to see him on these virtual pages soon.)

Back to the show, it was weird (in the best sense) and excellent.

If you’re not familiar with their style, they’re tough to peg. I’ve heard it described as amplified chamber music. The band’s comprised of clarinet, cello, keyboard, electric guitar, bass, and drums.

They recreated a piece from Eno’s “Music for Airports” with full analog instrumentation along with a handful of other original works commissioned and arranged for the group. The second half of the show brought Glenn Kotche from Wilco on stage to close out the night.

Good stuff.

Current music: Bang on a Can “Believing”