Images from the festival

1st ever (I think) Cincinnati T-Shirt Festival

So that was fun.

Hot — but fun.

We got to the square just as the sun started to beat down. Luckily there was a breeze and a crowd.

Lots of WOXY fans stopped by our tent. So many we ran out of shirts. (We’ll remedy that problem tomorrow). These listeners define enthusiasm.

Also got to see folks from the online world that I’ve never met before proper. Reinforces my joy of the ‘net and always brightens the day.

Overall? A success. And pretty fantastic to see the Square come to life at night with the bands of Indie Summer (see schedule).

Enough gushing, check out the threads and smiling faces:

Photos2008 Cincinnati T-Shirt Festival

Current music: Beastie Boys “The Sounds Of Science”

5 responses to “Images from the festival”

  1. D R E W Avatar

    it was great seeing you and getting to know dan a bit more. call me!!!!

  2. Casey Teeter Avatar
    Casey Teeter

    Hey, that’s me! (With the crazay orange hair) Nice to meet you, again. 🙂

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    Will do Drew, and Casey, please keep the rad hair, I will not forget you next time!

  4. chuck Avatar

    love the mickey tee shirt!

  5. StyckyWycket Avatar

    Hey, I was digging through some of your past photos, and you mentioned that people wanted to see some “Handmade in Ohio” shirts. Did you ever end up making any? I’m actually a Clevelander (born and raised), and I know that I, and a few people that I know, would love to have a shirt like that.