(packed) weekend

Speakeasy Prohibition Ale peeps out form the ice (quite tasty SF ale)

There was another viewing of Once before returning it (even better the second time around), pancakes on Groundhog Day (Hungry Jack), a Mardi Gras party (with the brew pictured above), and a Superbowl (red white and blue vs red white and blue). I thought the latter was relatively ho-hum until those last minutes.

Tomorrow I hop on three planes to get to one place (gah).

Current music: Party Ben “Every Car You Chase (The Snow Police)”

2 responses to “(packed) weekend”

  1. arse poetica Avatar

    Awesome picture! Ha.

  2. libby Avatar

    You do know that all we have on the beer shelf around here is Speakeasy Big Daddy, right? That the day I found that it has been imported to Ohio, was the day that Kevin decided that he was actually GLAD he had married me?
    I’m not kidding. He owns stock in the company, and knows the guys who started it. They used to run a small operation down the street from his law school digs where they sold beer making apparatus.
    He loves the stuff and had a small panic attack last month when Biggs ran out. He’s afraid they’ll take it away again, and he’ll have to start smuggling it back in rolled up tube socks. Makes for heavy luggage.