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Got up way too early and jumped on an AirTran plane. Never flown with this airline before, but it is cheap and flies out of Dayton. They serve Coca-Cola products and my flight(s) offered those individually wrapped shortbread cookies that are packaged in factories that may contain peanuts.

Met my brother upon arrival in Atlanta.

We are packing up his apartment and regarding everything as Niecy Nash would on the set of Clean House.

If you don’t know this show, it is where they find extreme pack rats and force them to have a yard sale or donate accumulated crap in order to tidy up the place. Neicy dispenses advice and acts like she personally foots the bill on gifts like sectional sofas or sideboards that provide a base for select crap that did not get sold or thrown away.

I like the show because they don’t go too far out with themes. Like say, if there was a boy that collected Hot Wheels, they don’t put asphalt on the floor and paint his bedroom like a NASCAR track, forcing him to sleep on a pile of tires.

All that’s a tangent I suppose.

Tomorrow we load a U-Haul and head back to Ohio.
Bad news: no time to explore Atlanta.
Good news: my oldest brother won’t be so far away.

Current music: Yael Naïm “New Soul”

2 responses to “ATL”

  1. communicatrix Avatar

    ATA’s okay; you, however, are excellent. I always wished I had a brother. Now I know what brother I should have been wishing for: someone who could design cool stuff and help me move. You’d probably even make me something nice for dinner every now and then.

  2. duane Avatar

    So close, yet so far away! If you come back to the ATL someday, we should get a beer.