Cut Loose

Not foot loose [ + zoom this photo ]

Back in the studio and largely on track today. This, I should mention, after I got a phone call in the morning and realized I spaced out on a meeting. I’ve only done this a few times in my life, but it falls outside of embarrassing and into something that smarts a little more.

Perhaps this is another reason why I would fail miserably in a corporate environment, making this special Threadless tee called “Cut Loose” somewhat appropriate.

I believe this design was only available at the Threadless Chicago retail store when it opened. Normally I don’t like to post product taunts but this is the first day I’ve worn this shirt and I quite dig it.

Current music: Dave Eggers “The Commercials of Norway”

2 responses to “Cut Loose”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    flarghle, i pass by the threadless store quite often but have yet to actually go in… love the shirt. and the flannel! yay flannel.

  2. holly danger Avatar

    thats such a hot shirt! very nice chris!!