Wearing my lucky shirt

It’s already been broughten. FTW

Like McCain on the night of New Hampshire primaries, I too have a lucky shirt. This is the one I wore while running around the farm-slash-studio on my last Layer Tennis match—and it’s the shirt I’m going to be wearing this afternoon for the playoffs. Two simultaneous matches are going down at 3pm EST (extra points if we cross pollenate layers.) Previews of each match are online:

Gruber will be providing commentary between me and Inman.

Rosecrans will be spouting off between Koxvold and Hutchinson.

So back to the shirt… It’s mesmerizing isn’t it? McCain would be jealous. You can get ’em over at Wuvable Oaf and they’re available in ‘bait or ‘oaf sizes.

It’s not pimping when you love it.

I’m off to warm up.

Current music: Ghostface Killah “We Celebrate”

One response to “Wearing my lucky shirt”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    Awesome! Good luck, Chris. I think you’ve got a good challenger in Inman as well. Represent Ohio.