mental note: measuring pixels

The single pixels that created Mario really have nothing to do with this quick thought as I cram on work

Original mental note:
Design everything in multiples of 5.
Never make another image that is 176×32 or any other weird set of numbers.
Stop being sloppy.
Keep math easy.

Revised version:
Just do.
Even if it means being odd now and then.

I figure the latter is akin to Elisa on Project Runway using spit to measure fabric. It didn’t really work out for her on the show, but I always gave her tree-hugging sensibilities props.

[ Image from Sprite Stich: A video game inspired cross stitch weblog ]

2 responses to “mental note: measuring pixels”

  1. Nikhil Avatar

    I saw a guy wear a sweater with the NES Mario woven into it. On further inquiry, he told me he _made_ it! I sorta forced him to be friends with me and, in the spirit of exclusivity, will be the proud owner of a Luigi sweater soon enough 🙂

  2. Fubiz Avatar