woxy.com limited edition tees

our test print

I warned there was going to be some hand-drawn lettering emerging from our studio, and it’s finally here. (We’re also sticking with generous whitespace no matter how trendy it gets).

Maybe you remember my first shirt for WOXY back in 2004. A lot has changed since then: I stopped doing stuff freelance and joined up with my friends to start Wire & Twine. The radio station closed, got revived by LaLa, and is now even available again on the airwaves in Cincinnati (HD Radio this time around).

Again, we looked to the doodles on Trapper Keepers for inspiration. And instead of just picking out favorite artists, Bryan over at the station sifted through all the tracks played this year and came back with the top 100.

The 2007 WOXY.com Limited Edition Tee
[available in 3 tasty colors for pre-order]

Current music: WOXY.com