strawberries and strikes

I did not take this picture

I got this note in the email box yesterday, and I have to say it brightened the morning:

(reprinted with permission, links added by me)

I first took notice of your work when I bought your Tim Gunn shirt off Ebay. I think you had a link, which I then followed and came upon your photos. The pink toy Martian in a garden sticks in my mind. I love the way you frame your pictures and how they are of mostly inanimate objects. I have since bought your hairdo shirts as well. The other day, I was walking down the street, when I saw two perfect strawberries that had been abandoned on a cement parking stopper. I took a picture. (above) I’m a member of the WGA and since we’re on strike and I can’t do any real writing, I thought I’d write to you and say, hey. Well done. Keep up the good work.

It’s nice because I seldom take a step back and consider what I’m doing here, who’s reading it, and what they see. I never realized that, indeed I do, focus on inanimate objects. That’s worth a post on its own, but tis late.

But the thing that sticks is that someone’s fighting to get paid for their work, and took the time to say ‘hey.’

Maybe you’re aware of the writers’ strike. Maybe you haven’t seen this video by some of the writers behind The Office. It’s worth the 3 minutes and 15 seconds. But all this interconnectedness, this ability for us to read, hear, and share perspectives; it’s going to change things. I hope it changes them for the good, posthaste.

And to my unknown writer out in what I figure is LA or NY, thank you for entertaining me.

Her response when I asked to share her photo and note: “Sure, no problem. Glad you liked the picture, when I showed it to others they were like, ‘Huh?’”

(insert grin, a hopeful one)

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