(and me… there… in the window!)

Busy gal, this Kelley Deal.

She’s got a book droppin’ in 08, and maybe a new album too—but don’t ask me for details, I know nothing.

What she doesn’t have is very many photos of herself making music, so we spent a few hours snapping some shots this evening.

I need to study that Strobist ‘blog more and learn about using flash off camera. Overall though, I think we got some goof stuff tonight, and either way, it was fun tryin.


Current music: The Breeders “Forced To Drive (Loho Version)”

2 responses to “Kelley”

  1. beth Avatar

    Let’s hope for a second incarnation of the Kelley Deal 5000!

  2. communicatrix Avatar

    Wait…you mean all I have to do to get Chris Glass to take my picture is write a book and play him some guitar?
    I’m so on it!