Again with the colors

Is this the golden section of the year?

Today was meaty.

So was yesterday, but that seems so long ago.

Tucked in my shirt and drove to Cincinnati this morning. Great colors along the way… Just being those dozens of minutes south makes a difference. Pulled over more than once, some glimpses below.

Ate a good lunch and headed back to the studio, considering grays: fabrics, inks.

Stopped by the grocery and the produce department was saturated.

Threw a thick red steak on the Foreman. It came out perfect.

Now the soup’s on the stove. Forecast suggests it’ll pair nicely with tomorrow.

Good idea for a weather site might not be just what to wear, but what to eat. Be cool if it’s like, totally, local.

PhotosSlideshow with a few snapshots of autumn, some old, many new

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One response to “Again with the colors”

  1. Naz Avatar

    Lovely colours. It reminds me that I need to get out into the trails and ride around and take photos…