The studio at the farm

Folks have been intrigued by the little snippets of the studio that crop up on these pages now and then—usually there’s an expanse of plywood or shelves heavy with tools or inspiration, there are drawers, ink, and sometimes I’ll crop up.

One of my November goals is to get with the other folks and give a proper tour of the space.

Until then, this here’s the outside. And another view if’n you’re interested.

Current music: Guided By Voices “Tour Guide At The Winston Churchill Memorial”

5 responses to “workspace”

  1. Naz Avatar

    Looking forward to the Official W&T Tour™ Chris.

  2. Dennis Avatar

    Wow I love the shop…I would love to build one on my property.

  3. Joshua Bryant Avatar

    New Yankee Workshop ftw!

  4. Christopher Jobson Avatar
    Christopher Jobson

    How completely idyllic. You’re so fortunate to have such a unique workspace.

  5. bellascribe Avatar

    If I ever move out of my home office (maybe sometime from now), I think I’d like a place like this, at least from seeing the outside — very nice!