welcoming October

It’s hard not to say Boo-yeah

Lot’s of good stuff on the work front. Among them, we finally updated the Wire & Twine homepage with the Skeleton “Smart-Tee” pictured above. Tom drew up the bones and the kids around the studio won’t stop wearing them and spelling out the word printed along the hem.

If you want one and you’re in Cincinnati, stop by MiCA over in O’Bryonville (map). They’ve got most all of our shirts in stock and have a whole store full of neato stuff.

Upcoming news…

In a few weeks two important events overlap, Farm Day – a yearly shindig by my good friends that is always guaranteed fun, and Dan’s recital – a gig he’s been planning and practicing for almost non-stop.

On tap this week: I’m going to Chicago on Friday to bend elbows at the FLIST Blogger’s Artshow.
I’m a bit over-excited as a.) I’m going to meet lots of folks from online I hold dear, and b.) I’ve never had anything up on a gallery wall except for that thing in 3rd grade where I got a that red ribbon.

If you’re free on Friday night, stop on by. Runs ’til 2am at the Happy Dog Gallery (1542 N. Milwaukee, 2nd floor – map)

Current music: Stars Of The Lid “Even If You’re Never Awake”

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  1. Kevin Avatar

    Off topic, but I just saw your name announced as a Layer Tennis contestant. That’s awesome! Way to represent Ohio.