It’s only embarassing if you tell people

Schottenstein Center: Value City Arena

I saw the Pop-Tarts American Idol tour pass through Ohio on Saturday.

I cannot remember my state of mind when the tickets were purchased, but I can assure you I was not sober.

I’m still processing what went down, but I think it went something like this:

– We had to walk 7 miles from the parking lot to get to the show.

Sanjaya performed a Michael Jackson song, finally. (The Way You Make Me Feel). I made a little video recording but it pains me to watch so I’m not uploading it. All of the kitsch entertainment value he once held for me has been replaced by sadness.

– At first we thought Gina Glocksen was being ungrateful and distant, but we then realized the other girls must be driving her absolutely bonkers on the tour bus. B O N K E R S. (That means you Melinda Doolittle, with your coy “who me?” shrug. I swear she spoke in parseltongue at one point)

Phil Stacey put on a sailor outfit while the girls sang Prince’s “America” from Around the World in a Day – which is an awesome song in it’s weirdness, but in this context made it just weird.

– For the most part, everyone sang songs that we’d never heard of or never wanted to hear again. However, Lakisha Jones made good with I Will Always Love You.

(aside: insert moment of silence for Whitney)

Blake Lewis made up for most of the muck and rocked the house. Chris Richardson was right behind him with his mammoth guns he’s developed while learning to play drums and guitar.

– There were a couple other girls and another guy, but I forget what they sang. We left so we could get to bed before midnight.

Highlights of the day besides the show? Pool swimming, garlic fries, and a picture of myself I don’t loathe… thx Brown (but I do need to work on more expressions outside of “glare”).

Current music: Prince “Pop Life”

2 responses to “It’s only embarassing if you tell people”

  1. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown

    I’d say you summed it up pretty darn well. However, I’m still reeling from the parseltongue (fancy). “Sometimes we like to talk about boys, and one of those boys is…”

  2. A.J. Avatar

    how could it be a pop-tart without ryan seacrest ??