Swamp Holly Orange

a snapshot from California

I posted a better(ish) photo of a Yellow (transportation) truck back in 2005, and it was then I learned from my friend Jason that:

Yellow commissioned DuPont to determine what color was most visible from the greatest distance for the fleet. After careful research, DuPont presented a color, dubbed “Swamp Holly Orange.” And so the company named Yellow had an official color—orange—the safest color on the road.

I noticed a change in their identity recently. It’s kinda less orange and more web 2.0.

I felt compelled to share this now because if I try and whip out the camera on the freeway one more time to try and catch one of these trucks, I’m going to wreck.

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2 responses to “Swamp Holly Orange”

  1. Renaud Avatar

    Mmm, bloody urine gradient.

  2. Eric Gordon Avatar

    Ahhh. Thanks for posting. I’d always dug the inherent irony in Yellow’s ‘yellow’ and that classic keystone shape. Now it looks like some drug you ‘ask your doctor’ about.