a little fall cleaning

I am not this organized [ + zoom to read the labels ]

It’s not present in this photo, but that blurry span in-between seasons is here.

A day that starts off dreadful and muggy ends up cool with loops of crickets lifted on the breeze through open windows.

The colors are changing too, like someone is fiddling with the hue and saturation of the light and landscape, ever so slightly.

It’s also a time when other things are shifting—like schedules and whatnot. Maybe it’s a quarterly thing, but the need to get a rough plan for the next few months seems prudent right about now.

So I walk into the studio yesterday, and Wendy is there. The gal who’s college class schedule I lifted because I equate scheduling with numbers, numbers are math, math is hard, so I avoid it.

Anyway, because it’s also that part of the year when school starts up, there’s no babysitter during the day—so I barely get to see her.

We chit chat sitting at our desks and without any preconception, we start tidying. In no time we are eliminating piles and breaking out the broom. I prepare packages for things I’d meant to send out to friends months ago. Like items are boxed or put into appropriate drawers. Shelves are able to be dusted.

It wasn’t a super-thorough spring cleaning, but we can now see the floor. And we didn’t make any actual plans or figure out the schedule, but we’re more ready.

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