Do the Collapse

The end of the crazy work schedule

Why all this bokeh? I was without a prime lens for months. Having one again is fun.

The week marks the end of burning the candle at both ends as a big project moves from design into production. There’s no clean, abrupt stop—the development process loops back and forth, but the heavy lifting is no more. That said, I’m tackling all the things I pushed aside during crunch-time (and that list is long).

I’ll be a bit more present with replies to email, comments, etc.

Current music: GBV “Things I Will Keep”

2 responses to “Do the Collapse”

  1. Joshua Avatar

    So which prime lens did you use to take this shot?

  2. Chris Avatar

    I upgraded to the Canon f1.4 50mm.
    I’ve dropped TWO of the f1.8 50mms (that are quite reasonable, but made of plastic)
    If I was more careful, I’d still be with the latter.
    Both lenses will achieve the same effect.