Something that is not a t-shirt (or a dozen roses)

I had the luck to “beta-test” the latest Wire & Twine creation this past weekend. It’s called the Momergency Kit and it contains a whole bunch of stuff I never have on hand, a booklet with ideas on how to use said stuff, and a bag to keep it all tidy.

Now, I’m not a mom, but there’s no exaggeration when reporting that I dipped into this tote no less than four times over my few days in Austin.

  • The flashlight helped explore the dark under a picnic table for a missing pacifier.
  • A safety pin attached a flower to a lapel.
  • I used a ziplock to make a safe haven for a lens with a lost lens backing.
  • I flossed with some of the thread.

Oh yeah, I passed a photographer on the street that first night out and paid for a mugshot from this character. If I didn’t have that Sharpie I’d never have gotten his email address.

So I tip my hat to Wendy for making something that’s already been worth it’s light weight and small footprint. I suppose if I’m going to tout, it would seem prudent to remind folks that a certain holiday approaches, and if you don’t want to send a box of chocolates…

The Momergency Kit is a fine choice.

Oh, and after reading that entry on wikipedia about Mother’s Day, who knew it “was copied from England by a social activist with a call to unite women against war.” The proclamation is worth reading.

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    Hey Chris – your banner photo images seem to be broken. Just a heads up.