The commute

jobs that will be replaced by technology [ +zoom and uncrop ]

I’m posting mainly because of the flak someone gave me for being erratic with my journal updates. I’m totally honest when I say the ‘net connections I had while traveling prevented uploading photos.

Excuses aside, today is gray and on the drive into the studio I passed these folks updating a billboard with a fancy vertical-blind-like system, I’m guessing. This is considered excitement on my commute. I’ve been meaning to gather some statistics of my ride, and all I’ve come up with is this:

All these numbers represent one way of the journey

Miles traveled = 45.7
Turns made = 8
Starbucks passed = 0
WalMarts passed = 3

Current music: Unbunny “The Path”

2 responses to “The commute”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    I see more broken and scrambled fancy-like billboards around than pretty, working ones.
    I could go for some Starbucks.
    But not so much WalMart.

  2. Kate Avatar

    That’s quite a hike. Where is your commute to? Good music can help any long drive pass by, esp. if you’re one of those crazy people who sing along with reckless abandon – like me 😉