Erik sweatin it up on the Ditch Witch

This morning I got in to the studio and Tom had the press all set up with the final run to complete stock on the Bubba Loves It camouflage shirt. So if you’d ordered one of those and hadn’t gotten it yet, it ships TODAY! We’ve perfected the process for getting the fluorescent ink to really pop — two hits of white under three hits of orange, and they are screaming.

So that’s good. Also in the category of good is wearing the OH DEER shirt (pictured above) out and about. It’s like an optical illusion. No one notices that it’s not a deer on your chest, but a big ol’ fella with a beard and cap sittin there.

Might take folks a second take to see the J, D, and E have “worn off” and piled up on the hem with a stag’s head.

I mention this because, after scrolling through feeds over lunch and seeing bubba crop up on Autoblog and recently on Boing Boing, we knew it was time to get something other than bumper stickers out there.

Surf on over: Bubba Loves It

(related link from 2004: Launching the icon)

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