they almost have a grid goin on there [ +zoooooom ]

The drugstore up the street isn’t a (super big) chain CVS, Walgreen, Rite Aid, or SupeRx. It’s called Drug Mart, which is a great name, and they sell a little bit of everything. Aisles so tall and packed with stuff even I have a hard time getting things off the top shelf.

They’ve got their jingle on continuous loop over the PA, and I’m making mental note now to record it sometime, just to plant earworms on CD mixes.

Of course someone’s already transformed the jingle into a torch song and posted it to YouTube.

The Internet, sometimes — most of the time — it’s awesome.

Current music: “Dis. count. Drug. Mart. Saves-you-the-runaround (x infinity)”

3 responses to “circular”

  1. ted Avatar

    That video is what the Internet was created for, as far as I’m concerned. Well, that and porn.

  2. elston Avatar

    graphic cool — ‘new ways of seeing’ the everyday.
    I agree, the internet is much better than TV.
    Have to put you in my top 10 artists I have learned
    the most from. There is a lot of thoughts right now toward
    ‘unplanned’ and ‘it just happened’.
    You think david carson thinks the same ?
    BEST : BRI

  3. Stephen Shores Avatar

    😀 That’s hilarious.