clippers and cars


I saw a barber pole on the way to lunch and pulled out the camera. My bud who had just gotten his hair shorn there that very morning said I gotta go in.

So with his escort I enjoyed the charming establishment up close without feeling like a tourist, or like I was cheating on my Tiny Tina.

I visited her last week. (click for a before picture)

One thing both Tina’s and this shop share is a bevy of automobile ephemera. Among the many things in life that help me perpetuate stereotypes and feel like a man:

– Getting the back of my neck shaved, and
– Checking up on the latest rides

Speaking of which, the North American International Auto Show is coming up, and instead of everything coming out all at once, there are leaks.

I suppose I’m down with this new instant information economy. The new Ford Interceptor looks nice and grunty, with perhaps too much Chrysler 300m thrown into the trunkā€”but it’s a concept and doesn’t really have anything to do with barber shops.

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2 responses to “clippers and cars”

  1. A.J. Avatar

    the Ford Interceptor not only looks grunty, unfortunately it’s got the face of a pug.

  2. onajide Avatar

    Chris,I understand Ford’s desire to design a car that doesn’t look like every other car but, that car doesn’t have much “sex appeal.” It looks like an appeal to older buyers just like that new Edge. Those Edge commercials are SO tame and boring it’s ridiculous: they move too slow, the cars drive on the edge of buildings but don’t give us a sense that they are in gravitational balance (meaning tilted up on the non-weight bearing side), the passengers sit and smile like it is pasted on. Of course, I need to say no more.