they say there were 20,000

There is just an hour left before the first day of 2007 comes to a close, and good narrative or not, I am going to post something.

The new year opened in Indianapolis under a sea of balloons.

I did not lose my camera this time, so I consider it a success.

Lots of sorting to do. There are boatloads of pictures—on memory cards, on hard drives, and yet to take.

I’m feeling particularly excited about this flip of the calendar, and I have many people to thank for that optimism.

I’ll start off with you, the person reading this ol’ journal…

(insert raised glass)

Thank you.

I’ll fill in the rest over the next 364 days.

5 responses to “2007”

  1. Michelle Avatar

    Had I know you were going to be here in Indy I would have insisted on meeting you! Happy New Year. I hope it’s as festive and wonderful as you want it to be.

  2. Chris G Avatar

    I was kept in the dark for the plans on NYE Michelle, but, DAG, Indy is lively and awesome. I know there was a football game and aholiday, but the downtown has so much to offer.
    We’re going back, for sure. I shall do my best to alert.

  3. A.J. Avatar

    all the best for you this year of the pig… tons of health and heaps of happy !! looking forward to your 364 ahead… cheers !

  4. Draplin Avatar

    Chris Glass in ’07!
    Glad to have met ya.
    We got yer back on the West Coast.

  5. chuck Avatar

    hau’oli makahikihou from hawai’i! all the best to you in 2007, chris!