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December 31, 2006


Conducting the singing of the birthday song

I share a birthday with a young fella (Eddie) whose parents are smart enough to wait until after Christmas to celebrate proper. This helps maximize gift potential.

I learned a few things at the party:

- There are toilets that can flush 2 dozen golf balls.
- I should rent the High School Musical DVD
- Esther Price candies started in Dayton
- Nicki Fleming is the name of American Girl's 2007 Girl of the Year doll

Somewhere along the line Eddie runs up to me and asks if I want to take a photo of his butt. I knitted my brows and started to walk away and then I realized I'd just fallen for a classic kid joke. So yes, I took a picture of his butt - it is here.

Current music: Junior Boys "Birthday"

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Posted by: Rachel | Jan 1, 2007 8:39:34 PM

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