Open for business

One of the first shirts up for ordering

After many moons, my friends and I are ready to open up shop proper. It’s taken a while to get all the tidbits working, but now that we have the site up and running, with credit card processing (in addition to PayPal capabilities), we’re pretty excited to start making more stuff.

So take a gander: Wire & Twine

Feel free to drop a line if you find any bugs or oddities.

I’ll be posting more about the hows and whys, but for now we’re just happy to hang the “open” sign virtually.

And as for the Facial hairshirt (pictured above) I know, I know, there are many different names for beard types. If you have suggestions for version 2, drop a comment.

Otherwise, a kind tip of the hat for your patronage.

Current music: Frank Zappa “Trying to Grow a Chin”


  1. Thank ya all, and you’re cracking me up with your Thoreau comment Jason.
    As for photos Radio, yes, my friend Tom is constructing frames in my aspect ratio so we can sell both framed and unframed prints. Coming soon? I hope so!

  2. Congratulations on another amazing website Chris. Good luck to you and your business.
    The videos you make are awesome by the way.

  3. WOW ! This is fantastic ! I see the think tank
    is still going — how cool.
    Luv the WIRE&TWINE site ~
    esp. the industrial toilet paper holder
    and what a great idea with the baby shower
    packet. Here’s a thought — why not silkscreen
    some of those designs on canvas. I would love to hang say, a David Carson in my apt.
    I will be making a purchase soon.
    Holiday Cheers ~

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