Dinner Club: Breakfast at the farm


I’m currently nibbling on a peanut butter cookie from a bag someone slipped in my stuff last night as I was leaving one of the tastiest dinner clubs.

We’ve been bad lately, with weddings and babies born, there hasn’t been a good time to plan one of our monthly outings. So an impromptu date was set and instead of dinner, our group of friends ate breakfast at night.

And man it was good.

Because this was held at a house, it was easy for folks to bring kids along. In the flurry of princesses running around and balls flying through the air, adults were able to try out tennis and other sports on the Wii.

By 10 or so, everyone was tuckered, so we didn’t even crack open the board games. Call us old and fuddy, but well fed and smiling.

Current music: Mogwai “Small Children in the Background”