different view of the drive-thru

Covington, KY

So much has happened of late. Most of it just dandy:

A wedding with meat cake
(And a funny story about a coffee mug I’ll share soon)

Dinner with great folks in what I’d consider the neighborhood
(Must get roasted garlic and bread salad recipe)

I saw Borat twice
(It was funny once)

OSU beat Michigan 42 – 39
(If you played those numbers in the Ohio Lottery’s PICK 4 that Saturday night, you’d be 5 thousand bucks richer)

The Nintendo Wii launched
(I’ve never sweat from a video game, until now – good fun)

And all of a sudden, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
(I’ll be skipping any White Castles, instead opting for turkey and other classy favorites like deviled eggs and jellied cranberry sauce in cans)

Current music: Eels “Blinking Lights (for me) Live”