I remember a trip to Hawaii way back in the 70’s. My parents bought all the kids these little plastic nameplates that had cartoon pictures of surfers with our names, and then our names in Hawaiian. Er, I think it was Hawaiian.

According to that little placard, Chris translated into Kiki. Though searching in online dictionaries, it actually means “sting.” So I’m not sure who to believe, I still have my memory.

Speaking of Kiki, a benefit of shacking up is that I now share space with a stump-tailed feline of said name. He sleeps a lot, begs for treats whenever you walk in the kitchen, and doesn’t cover up his poop. That aside, it’s nice having a critter around, though I’ve yet to find a caption for him as funny as these, or a video that makes me smile like this montage.

Old links, but funny cat pictures and videos hardly ever get old.

7 responses to “kiki”

  1. Brian Faust Avatar

    Good gracious. I was crying after reading those captions…

  2. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown

    That’s an awesome pic Chris. Looks like all are adjusting well to the new digs!

  3. kalzabar Avatar

    OMGWTFBBQ! Those are the best!
    Of course, I am moved by the fact that you’ve referred to a communal feline entity by its given name!
    Me so happy!

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    I am pleased, Kalzabar, by your appropriate use of OMGWTFBBQ.
    And ayup Brown, I do believe the Kiki is happy with the new place. Come back up and visit!

  5. chuck Avatar

    why is it that cats sitting in the sun always have that look on their faces? my dog is all sprawled out, panting and grinning. cats always look so…i dunno…”self satisfied”.

  6. chuck Avatar

    btw: christopher in hawaiian is kilikikopa.

  7. ngan Avatar

    such a lovely picture chris! awesome indeed.
    ps. I’m gathering up supplies to make the veg soup you have on your page. wish me luck.