we ate here

In the waiting area of a Japanese restaurant that is not Benihana

I was taking a friend to pick up their truck at the mechanic yesterday, and along the way we both decided sushi sounded good. It was near enough to dinner-time and raining heavily. We were looking for excuses.

The walls lining the waiting area were chock full of polaroids—a promising sign from the expressions and sheer number of snapshots. But the food was on par with gas station quality. Maybe even a bit below.

If you’re not familiar with the Colerain area in Ohio, well, it’s not near any large bodies of water. Even Dunkin Donuts have a hard time surviving in the food climate there.

We might have known better, but sometimes you find gems in these dilapidated joints.

In other news: Yesterday on the screen-printing front, good things happened. I thought I’d have something more tangible posted by today, but the hours go by so fast.

Current music: James Blackshaw “Spiralling Skeleton Memorial”