Tiny Tina

I sat on the barber chair realizing that I’d been going to Tiny Tina for 10 years.

10 years of her dry humor, wisdom, and meticulous beard trimming (though for the first five years it was just a goatee requiring her attention.)

10 years ago I moved back to Cincinnati and started working on websites as a full-time job.

And it was 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

I met with my oncologist earlier this morning to go over scans and bloodwork. He can attest with a grin that I am stable (and continually breaking records – I’m heavier than ever.)

So for now I continue to be on the good side of statistics, requiring careful observation, but no treatment. It will come in it’s own time.

Tina was pleased to hear the news, but mourning the loss of her dog, Bear (pictured here) who passed on last week. So there was some bad news to add perspective to the good news, handfuls of laughter, and a fine haircut.

5 responses to “anniversary”

  1. Kell Avatar

    Smile to you and all your anniversaries – ‘specially your record breaking health.

  2. radio free newport Avatar

    Congrats on your positive news, Chris. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

  3. sis Avatar

    kudos for the great news ma brother!! here’s to wishing you many many many mores years of fine health and neva ending adventures in your sweetttttt young life!! love ya more than you know~~<>

  4. Eamonn Avatar

    I’m happy to hear about your check up Chris. Congratulations. I’m confident that there’s gonna be many more years of happiness and good health in your future.

  5. angie Avatar

    hey, chris :o) excellent news about your tests and health. we’re all a little heavier these days. storin’ up for the winter ;o) blessings, angie