a reunion of sorts

fairy tales by the pool [ +zoom ]

A grill-out last night for friends from way back visiting from Texas.

I was happy to sit with folks I hadn’t seen for a good piece of time, enjoy some home-cooked food, and catch up on life.

Lots of kids zipped around, and a few braved the cool weather to jump in the pool out back.

A good night, a few pictures, but not enough time. Never enough time. I suppose we should start planning our 20th high school reunion.

3 responses to “a reunion of sorts”

  1. Brian Gilham Avatar

    Chris, you consistently amaze me with your photography. Cheers.

  2. Kate Avatar

    Your sharp eye catches the most stunning perspectives… It’s like dessert for my eyes.

  3. M-bones Avatar

    photos are beautiful. blog warm and welcoming.