Part of the Disney® Princess “Brand

My friends’ daughter requested princesses for her birthday cake back in March. Reticent to introduce one-dimensional role models, her parents agreed, but also created extended stories for these princesses. They can look pretty and be architects, doctors, and presidents.

Their daughter loved the cake, and she loves those cake toppers to this day. They’re right up there with Toy Story Woody—seldom far from her side.

They’ve stuck around all this time, and so have their names: Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Cinderellie, and… (insert beat) James.

No one knows where James came from, but it would seem strange and wrong to correct her. James is really Sleeping Beauty, who is actually Aurora, and that name is hard to say. Besides, diversity should be encouraged at any age.

For giggles, I recorded some audio, here is the result:


James – An audio/visual presentation (requires flash)

2 responses to “James”

  1. Rick Avatar

    This reminds me of my niece, because she used to tell me that I was the “prettiest princess” when I’d wear my kilt around her. I took it as a huge compliment, because I knew what she really meant.

  2. Matt Avatar

    Does James the “Princess” have the start of a goatee?
    Hey Chris, e-stalking you again via your journal.
    Matt in San Diego.