1.6 to 2.1x faster than a G5 Quad


My new specs are awesome. With 65% more viewing area than before, I can see for miles and miles!

Actually, (like computer product announcements) it’s not that exciting at all.

I picked up the new glasses this morning and all day I’ve felt disconnected with the ground, slightly drunk, and a little headachy. I hope that passes soon. This is (really) what they look like.

In hindsight, I sort of like the big fun pair pictured above. Thing is, I already stick out enough as it is, all bearded and tall. When it comes to accessories, this is my opportunity to blend in.

Which is exactly why I stopped wearing day-glo spandex.

3 responses to “1.6 to 2.1x faster than a G5 Quad”

  1. Kell Avatar

    Phew. I was going to ask if you joined the Masons too.

  2. byron Avatar

    whoo-lawd, you had me going for a minute. First thing that came to mind? Jeffery Dahmer *shudder*
    and day-glo spandex? oooh, work it! 🙂

  3. The Brown Avatar
    The Brown

    DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNN Chris, those glasses are HOT! Isn’t there like a 30 day guarantee on those specs…you can still return those BORING ones and get those styley Mr. Roper glasses. Don’t be a fool.