Jason Lytle

I just wanna elevate myself

Tonight, a benefit concert—the Emmett Art Show, benefitting a child that had a complicated entrance into the world.

Judging from the amount of support from artists and musicians, he’s got a bunch of folks rooting for his well being. Among them, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, capping off an evening with a great art auction and a handful of local bands.

I’m still reeling a wee bit from seeing the lead singer from one of my favorite (now defunct) bands performing material in an intimate venue.

Good cause.
Good evening.

3 responses to “Jason Lytle”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Defunct?!? I thought they just released a new album! I’m so confused. 🙁

  2. chris glass Avatar

    It’s true Rick, they knew it was over about 80% of the way into the last album. Jason is lightly doing some press rounds in support of it.

  3. Lee Mitchell Avatar
    Lee Mitchell

    I hope that Jason continues to tour, I got into Grandaddy about three years ago and I was hoping to get to see them one day, alas came the spilt, shame because Fambly Cat is a superb piece of work.
    Good luck and best wishes to Jason, thanks Lee