big cloud

dwarfing the city

It’s been really rainy lately. Which has been fine I suppose, because I hear that lowers pollen counts. Still not sure if I’ve been wrestling with a cold or allergies.

The weekend was mostly lazy, highlights included a homemade breakfast with an omelet that didn’t want to be confined to the shape of an omelet, the previously written performance of Jason Lytle, and some light reading.

There was a slight break in all the gray on Mother’s Day, with the sun making a brief appearance before retreating back to more rain.

So exciting, I probably should have just lopped off all this text and kept the picture by itself.

4 responses to “big cloud”

  1. cramer Avatar

    Excellent photo, as always. Where’s that from?
    By the way, you didn’t happen to recently try and make an Earth sandwich, did you?

  2. chris glass Avatar

    Heh cramer, indeed. I did try to make an earth sandwich. Sadly, there is no land in my oppposite to make it complete.
    Oh, and that’s Cincinnati.

  3. cramer Avatar

    Right, I checked the opposite tool and was similarly disappointed. It’s nice that you went through with your half, served open face.
    I know it’s Cincinnati, I meant where’d you take the shot?

  4. chris glass Avatar

    Ooooooh. Specifically?
    Northside. In an alley off Hamilton Avenue, Cramer.