flower pumps

on my mom’s porch

9 responses to “flower pumps”

  1. ted Avatar

    That picture has made my day.

  2. chris glass Avatar

    glad to oblige ted.
    course it helps to have a kick ass mom.

  3. lydia Avatar


  4. duane Avatar

    now I am beginning to see the background of the whole gay thing… yes, it is all coming together perfectly now.

  5. Heather Avatar

    This helps me see where you get your unique perspective!

  6. Chris Glass Avatar

    It’s all coming together, isn’t it Duane and Heather?

  7. Heide Avatar

    Doesn’t anybody notice the humorous left-cornered bare feet contrasting the blooming pumps? That is why I love this picture.

  8. ae Avatar


  9. electro^plankton Avatar

    Ummm, Dorothy told me to tell you to tell your mom she wants her shoes back.