uncalling card

photo by tom of photo by bryan

My old business cards were sorely outdated—bad phone number and wrong address.

Seeing how printing is now a much different beast than say, 8 years ago, I thought I’d get some new ones for the wallet. (And by different I mean that digital presses make small runs quite affordable and easy to submit)

So I went with VistaPrint and paid extra for the heaviest matte stock. If you allow pop-ups and hang on their site long enough, some deal is sure to surface. Mind you, I’ve used this place before and got a heavy discount from their email blasting—bringing the total for 250 cards to about 15 bucks.

If you go this route, I recommend avoiding full color areas/bleeds (you can see how the trim gets merle haggard on the maroon back).

This time, I left out all the stuff that might change, leaving just a URL on the back. I figure I can doodle a talk bubble on the front with my phone number if need be.

And next time, I’ll get a picture where I’m smiling.

14 responses to “uncalling card”

  1. Firecrackr Avatar

    but it is a great picture no smile need be if your in it 😀 haha lovelyness. ima dork. and that is creative for a card. youll have to let me have one so when your famous i can say. hey i have his coolest business card ever. yeah thats right im thinking ahead.

  2. mike swimm Avatar

    That is quite possibly the best business card I have ever seen. Although I think the picture of you in front of the orange jumpsuit mannequins would have also been real nice.

  3. Ed Avatar

    This is a great business card and I like the thought bubble idea.
    So I noticed your wearing the red and white plaid shirt in this photo. Is it a favorite shirt?

  4. D R E W Avatar

    awwww, you are such a cutie.

  5. Cesar Avatar

    Great businesscard! I remember using VistaPrint back in college (99ish) to make businesscards for free and being very happy with them. They had big simple designs and an ad on the back, looks like their printing has come a long way.
    Chris, it’s my first time visiting your site, and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. It’s so well put together and really gives a sense of your personality and life. Thanks for sharing!

  6. onajide Avatar

    Now that I’ve moved, I need new cards. I looked at VistaPrint back when you first posted this but, I’ll have to look again. I’m in need. I’ll have to post some pics of the new place when I get a chance. I’m still unpacking boxes and trying to do a little work. You know my situation. I can’t pass up a single bit of work at the moment.

  7. Chris Glass Avatar

    During the summer Ed, you can almost catch me in that plaid shirt.
    Agreed Mike, the orange jumpsuits in the background would’ve been a nice alternative..

  8. Fred Avatar

    Excellent. Simplicity itself.

  9. Antonio Avatar

    I’m an argentinian graphic designer, and I have a few foreign clients. I’ve ordered a samples from print100.com and I have to admit that for the price, they really surprised me. They have a great printing quality and I didn’t see any of the problems you had with the “bleed areas”. Plus, they have a very cheap UV varnish and other finishing options that you may like. Anyway, your business cards looks great 😉 I liked them a lot.
    Hope you can use the tip!, Saludos from Argentina! > Antonio.

  10. Chris Glass Avatar

    Thanks Antonio! I’ll give them a shot!

  11. Brent Avatar

    4over.com is cheaper than any of those places. For 1000 of the standard full color, full bleed on both sides business card it’s $25 for full UV coat on both sides, $38 for matte finish, $39 for spot UV coating (lots of possibilities there) and about $7 shipped UPS ground to the lower 48. Turnaround is 2-3 days on the full UV and 5-7 days for others. Lots of other printed materials, too, including some bargain items. I’ve used them multiple times with no trouble at all.

  12. DannyB Avatar

    Brilliant and simple …

  13. alib Avatar

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  14. AliB Avatar

    That’s interesting, I’d recommend getting your custom business cards from http://www.printsmadeeasy.com, they have great values.