blue skies

Smiling at me

Did the other half of my scan yesterday. Got a call from my oncologist’s assistant this morning. Results indicate that things are not only stable, but some tumors have actually gotten smaller.

This is good news I’ll keep with a bit of guarded optimism, but relish nonetheless.

No time to ponder much, at least at this hour. I’m on the clock and should get back to pushing pixels.

7 responses to “blue skies”

  1. Jason Ahlers Avatar
    Jason Ahlers

    Congrats. I’ll bet it’s the weight so you can keep eating more!
    Kate and I are going to Wicked tonight. I’m a little worried because I have somehow managed never to see all of Oz though I did see The Wiz?

  2. Friecrackr Avatar

    Uncle C i wuv you. i am so happy to hear that things are okay. i have an account on flickr now. i have taken a couple of pictures already. gosh i am just so excited to know that though its justso Super. wow havent said that word ever 😀 <3 your niece

  3. chris glass Avatar

    Thanks Jase, and I think you’ll be just fine without knowing how that Oz movie ends. I can’t remember it myself.
    And a hug back to you Niece Firecracker. You’ll find Flickr is mucho fun. Look forward to seeing what you post here.

  4. angie Avatar

    hi, chris. great news from your oncologist’s office! keep journaling – i think it helps! ;o) eating, too. ;o)

  5. sis Avatar

    Great news lil brother!! I am very happy to hear this news~~keep doing what u been doing, seems to be workin~~tt ya soon love sis xoxo

  6. Andrés Avatar

    I´m very happy for you, continue the good work.

  7. chris glass Avatar

    Thank y’all.