new word + a mobile phone with a camera

The word is twizzle

I learned of it tonight while watching Ice Dancing.

Mind you, the photo above is not twizzling, but it was the best I could muster with no one falling down in it — which seemed to be popular tonight (and painful to see). All this perfection makes me hope for a wabi-sabi approach to judging.

Also watched a few Olympic award ceremonies, and I was hoping they’d replace the meager bouquet of flowers after the medal, with a simple peace lily.

If the VW bus wasn’t enough clue, I think this confirms my hippy tendencies.

In other news, I got a cheap mobile to replace my aging one. I now have a 640×480 camera with me at almost all times. Fun and handy.

I’m sending photos to a basic page until I can figure out what to do with them properly:

mobile photos Tidbits from a Nokia 6101

4 responses to “new word + a mobile phone with a camera”

  1. Nik Avatar

    I’ve been having a little fun with my (free) phone too!
    🙂 And I like the temporary page you put together for your mobile pictures!

  2. davis Avatar

    Mr. Glass… you’re amazing with a camera.

  3. chris Avatar

    Thanks Davis!
    And your camera takes better photos Nik.

  4. ELSTON . Art Avatar

    Chris —
    get these great photos blown up big and printed, framed. Show it in NYC — they will appreciate it.
    this photo completely took me by storm, my all time favorite on your site, next to the cherries in winter.
    put it next to a mapplethorpe ? I like this one better. so raw, simple all about emotion.
    All The Best