Summer Skin

Death Cab for Cutie

This link deserves it’s own entry as a friend of mine worked on the video and it was shot here in Cincinnati. It’s part of the “Directions” project for Death Cab’s latest album Plans. Each week, a new video is featured from a different director/group.

Summer Skin is playing this week. (requires quicktime)

2 responses to “Summer Skin”

  1. duane Avatar

    Awesome! I love Death Cab…

  2. Kell Avatar

    Double awesome! I love them as well and will, in fact, be seeing them this week in Heidelberg!
    I don’t know their new album as well, but the video meshed nicely with the song (tell your friend it was great!)…a rare instance where I didn’t feel I needed to play it again so that I would actually *listen* to the song. Too often a video will upstage the song.