Maya Angelou

I’d like a telephoto lens or a press pass

Mom stopped by my place to show off her first “professional” perm in a dozen years and I coerced her it would be a shame to miss Maya Angelou when looking so good.

We printed a map for UC’s campus and debated if the press release prohibited cameras:

“Media Coverage: No videotaping or audio-taping of the performance except for members of the media, who may record during the first five minutes only. Furthermore, the use of camera lights or any flashes by professional media is strictly prohibited.”

To me, this suggests that regular folk were not disallowed still cameras. My gut feeling was right.

I had the pleasure of shaking hands with fellow journaler Jeff Blake, but alas, there was no time for too much chat as withstanding the crowd was becoming difficult. I had a book of his poetry in my bag ready for autograph, but alas, that will have to wait until another time.

Fresh after a long bus ride from Coretta Scott King’s funeral, Dr. Angelou took to stage with song, finding light in unlikely places. Through the evening she voiced themes of celebrating life, hope, humanity, and leadership through poetry and personal accounts.

She presented the work of others and encouraged the audience to find out more. And to learn something by heart, in case the internet goes down.

She spoke of the profound effect of her uncle on her life and education, and how he influenced many others.
The power and difference one person can make.
As simple as a smile.

I could have listened to her for hours. I need a category for inspiration.

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  1. Kell Avatar

    I like that she took the bus all the way up to Cincinnati. I have no idea if that’s her regular means of travel, but it seems a kind of hommage to the Civil Rights era to both Coretta Scott King as well as the recently deceased Rosa Parks.