An unexpected great movie

I rented movies this past week, at a store, that I drove to, and walked around.

On the last day before the due date, I hadn’t seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith or Murderball.

There could only be one.

I watched the latter and I’m glad I did.

I had expectations, they were exquisitely passed. It was shot beautifully. The soundtrack was great. They didn’t even pander to a big arena rock song during the final game. But they did throw in a little bit of cheese more comfortable in a reality TV show. But just the tiniest bit.

This is about as human as film can get.

(and the Moldy Peaches song was awesome)

One response to “Murderball”

  1. Mark Mascolino Avatar

    You didn’t miss much by skipping Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We rentented it over the weekend and it was far too long and was way too ridiculously over the top to be enjoyable.