My mom and brother did up their place real nice for the holiday. I mean real nice. They’d be a great addition to the window dressing team at Bergdorf Goodman.

PhotosS’more photos of the decor

My favorite roast beef sandwiches and mincemeat cookies around the fire while exchanging gifts. Mom surprised me with a Chip Kidd book I’d long since forgotten about.

I was exhausted by this point and loaded up a nifty new backpack and headed out.

Though I didn’t get around to everything I had hoped to accomplish, the holiday was (insert some word that means warm, nice, loving, simple).

3 responses to “Christmas”

  1. judy Avatar

    Hi Chris, Been reading your blog for about a year. Enjoy it very much. As I was looking at the beautiful Christmas decor at your Moms, I said to myself, she can’t have a cat(s), but there, in one of the last photos was the cat! How does she keep them out of her decor? We have scaled way back on decor as we have two cats that are two years old and still play like kittens. Keep up your great writing and photography. Judy

  2. Daniel Avatar

    You’ve quite a nice pad out here in the Hinternet. It’s cool to see a fellow resident of the metro Queen City so well representing us (as much as I eschew regional patriotism most of the time). Your photography is excellent, and there’s so much to thumb through here it transcends the normal “blogs are about new content all the time” short-attention-span approach to “new media”.

  3. Chris Glass Avatar

    Thanks Daniel and to answer your question about cats Judy, you’ll notice the tree has only lights, the cats will not allow any sort of bauble to hang for more than an hour. Otherwise, they’re pretty well mannered (with claws even!)